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I asked Microsoft CoPilot to examine Google My Business websites around Campbell, California, USA and list five (5) small businesses that had modern websites. Best websites in Campbell, CA.

And, I do not think it tried too hard, nor did it do a very good job. Of course not. I just wanted to see if it is possible. It might be. But here is the output as per Microsoft CoPilot (with latest version of Windows 11 Pro at the time of this posting.)

"I searched for the Google My Business directory around Campbell, California and found some web search results. Here are five websites that I think are new, modern, and well-designed:

  • Campbell Dental Care: This website has a clean and professional layout, with easy navigation and clear information. It also has a convenient online booking system and a chatbot for customer service. I am going to have to strongly disagree with this pick! In fact, I think I want to call on them and see if they would be interested in what I have to offer?

dental website designers in campbell ca
Campbell Dental Care

  • Campbell Historical Museum: This website has a colorful and engaging design, with interactive features and multimedia content. It also has a blog, a calendar of events, and a virtual tour of the museum. Now, although it is only a part of another, larger website, it is dated, but dated only. The original design is pretty good for the time. Not a bad choice for best around Campbell, but I may call upon them also!

wordpress website designers in campbell, ca
Campbell Historical Museum

  • Campbell Water Tower: This website has a simple and elegant design, with a minimalist aesthetic and a striking image of the water tower. It also has a history section, a gallery of photos, and a contact form. It would appear that the famous water tower (which I lived right next to as a kid) is closed - as per the Google My Business listing. There is reference to it via another City of Campbell website. I would love to design or re-design the website as this famous water tower is very much a part of my childhood.

best wordpress web designers in campbell ca
Campbell Water Tower

  • Campbell Farmers’ Market: This website has a fresh and vibrant design, with a lot of images and animations. It also has a map, a list of vendors, and a newsletter subscription. Also not finding a website nor a Google My Business listing? I found a page off of a nearby San Jose city page, and I think there is another page off of a Campbell city website. Perhaps another opportunity for me?

wordpress website designers for restaurants campbell ca
Downtown Campbell Farmer's Market

  • Campbell Brewing Company: This website has a rustic and cozy design, with a warm color scheme and a wooden background. It also has a menu, a beer list, and a loyalty program. So, they are closed also! Not temporarily either. I am not sure my Microsoft CoPilot completed this assignment very well. I did not try too hard, but I expected current results, and I expected CoPilot to know the difference between a dated website and afresh website.

restaurant wordpress website designers campbell ca
Campbell Brewing Company


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