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CodePilot | Chinese Translations | German Joomla!

Such is my life. I may be doing some WordPress website design and development for codepilot in San Francisco, CA USA. I am from San Jose. Also, I recenlty built a website and provided SEO optimization and help with online business listings (like Bing and Google) and now I am using Polylang to create Chinese translated ages for all 25+ pages within the website.

Meanwhile, I am building a very large ecommerce server - over 5,000 categories and much later over 50K products - in Joomla 4, ready to update to Joomla 5. You cannot visit that website yet, but, the Chinese translations are being built on:

I am proud of a website I built using nothing but a free theme, but it came out very well, and the client is a friend and English student of mine. I also am learning about his Shaolin kung fu and internal martial arts mastery! I hope to add instructional videos to his website some timein the future so he can teach students outside of his center in Watertown, CT USA: That is him at the bottom right - at the time of this special photo he was younger.

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