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Here’s a detailed guide on how to use advanced techniques and styling tricks with WordPress and Elementor to make your websites stand out

1. Improve Your Workflow

Copy/Paste Widgets & Sections Quickly

Ever come across sections or widgets that you need to reuse in a page or between pages? Instead of duplicating a widget and dragging it to the area where you want to place it, you can easily copy/paste widgets and sections in Elementor. Here’s how you can do it:

Copy/Paste Style of Widgets or Sections

You can save your time by just copying the style of one widget and pasting it on any other widget you want to. This is very useful in cases when you have to apply the same size or color to an icon or an image.

Use Global Widgets Efficiently

Elementor comes with a feature of global widgets that let you define a widget and use it across different pages. Once a widget is defined as global, any changes made to it will be effective on all the pages where the widget is added.

2. Use Advanced Features

Adding an Image

Using Elementor Theme Style

3. Build Professional Pages

Design Your WordPress Site Using Elementor Theme Style

Access and Change Elementor’s Theme Style Settings

Change Your Theme’s Background Style

Remember, the key to making your website stand out is to experiment with different styles and features until you find what works best for you. Happy designing!


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